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Who is the author of "beautiful soul" on a gay story?
beautiful-soul was copy righted in 2005 by a user named
i really want to contact the author because i think the story is really good and ive read it over and over again.
fyi: is a gay-story website...
also it is in the gay male>high school section.

i really want to know how to contact the author.
I assume that you've tried the email address, and got no response, in which case the writer may no longer use that address.
Since it was written such a long time ago, it'll be hard to trace the writer, I don't know if nifty will have the latest contact details, and if they did, whether they'd be able to pass them on to you.

Good luck, I'm working on two stories that I hope to pass on to nifty for publication.
Anyone heard of nifty that have tons gay stories?
is there such site?
type in your url bar...

you'll find tons of LGBT stories there!
Why do leftists accuse any productive male who resists confiscatory taxation of being gay?
I just got accused of that in another question. So if my tax bill goes up to pay for deadbeats and I protest, that means I'm gay? Doesn't leftist ideology say that being gay is downright nifty? So, on one hand being gay is really neato and trendy, and then being gay is an insult?

So which is it, leftists? Do you ever stop and think of the huge logical inconsistencies you practice when you hurl insults?
Because leftists are ignorant, they'll send you hate mail accuse you of all sort of nasties as they can not hold an Intelligent debate! I se the Aussie and non taxpayers hate yopu! OOORAH Semper Fi
Where can you find some good gay fan fiction other than
I would like to find some good gay fan fiction about Harry Potter or Charmed.
Here's a few links that might be of some help:



Crystal's Story Site:
Are gay youth stories illegal in uk?
I'm 14 and was wondering if nifty a gay website which offers fictional, sex stories about people and has a under 18 section was illegal it is top, of the google search.
As long as it is TEXT and no Photographs of REAL PEOPLE under the age of majority, everything is a'ok.

You can't "Abuse a Minor" by writing fictional erotica.

Photographs of people over the age of majority dressed younger are not illegal...

Photographs of people over the age of majority altered with Photo Editing Software (Photoshop) to look younger are not illegal...

Drawings of people under the age of majority are not illegal, and, in Japan are referred to as "Hentai Chibi".
What's the story with the green and gold gay pride rally outside old trafford.?
Why didn't it take place, after all Beckham was there wearing his nifty scarf.

It was the perfect opportunity.
be proud and be loud sweetie ... lol..
Websites for gay stories of indian and asian personals?
i know of nifty org. i wish to read asian especially indian gay fiction.
Try Y! Personals or Craigslist.
Best gay romantic/erotic story titles to read online?
Hey friends.. I'm looking for some good gay romantic/erotic stories to read online.. Know any good ones, and where to find them?

I particularly like stories where either of the guys is very rich, popular and hold a high social status - but I don't mean fanfiction about real celebs...

Also, I'm already a regular at Nifty and Literotica.. So somethin else pls??

Thanks !!
Check out for some sex stories:…

You can read good sex stories and share your own
What's the funniest 'christians against gay marriage' excuse have you heard?
I always laugh at the 'god made adam and eve not adam and steve' "argument." By scriptural tradition lilith is the first woman, Constantine just left this part out of the bible. Do you think they have a nifty rhyme for god 'created adam and Lilith not adam and ...'?
"Gays are not right. Any person with a brain would know that, even animals do."

So, Michael, you are basically saying we don't have a brain. Even though we think rather more than you do.

Also, you display your ignorance viz. the animals. Homosexual behaviour is pretty common among animals.

Get over it, and more importantly, get over yourself and your prejudice.
Dors anyone know about this gay site? or husband reads them,would he have had to pay to receive e mails from this site?any help appreciated.
yeah it cost 4.99 a year including VAT

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