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Why does Hollister do this......?
Okay so I went to hollister with my mom and I grabbed a pair of jeans to try on and there was a lady standing by the door and she told me I had to leave my shopping bag outside of the dressing rooms(I had previously been shopping and bought something at bakers) So I had to leave my bakers bag up front and then when I cam out the lady was not even watching my bag or standing anywhere near the dressing rooms. What if my bag had been stolen? Also I was not planning on going in there and stealing anything.

Can they do this(make me leave my other shopping bag outside the dressing room)? What would happen if my bakers bag with my shoes in would have been stolen?
Thanks! :)
That's not right! That has never happened to me, but that's really mean!!;…
Question for the ladies?
if you wre in a changing room and you spotted a hidden cam and you were naked, would you

get dressed quickly, hurry out, and demand to see the manager


go out the stall say nothing, an die with embarrassment


put on a good show instead?
I would get dressed and call the cops.
Huge problem in trusting my partner/relationship. Good advise please?
I met this guy he is a Nigerian footballer name Fly works in Cambodia and we hv bin dating for sometime now. Last nite, I saw a text message on his phone, one of his friends told him that he had hurt a lady feelings, name Lyna. Lyna is asking why does Fly hv to play with her feelings and if Fly love her, y does he hv to leave her and marry someone else. Then I check on his digi cam,I saw a picture of him with one lady in a hotel room in Manila, whereby he is topless, the lady fully dress hug and taking photos.

Now I am wondering if this man that I hv been dating is being sincere to me or is he getting married somewhere else. I spent time with him over the weekend. I asked him....."are you playing with my feelings?".Fly reply "NO" and at the airport, i ask him, are you dating other ladies beside me. Fly reply "WHERE?" I answer "Anywhere". Fly said " No baby I am not. U R D only one and I am not those type of man" . He is gentle and never treat me bad but CAN I TRUST THIS MAN???
If there were pictures of him and other women and text messages from other women or about other women.......
UH cannot trust FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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