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"boobies and zombies" anime like highschool of the dead?
can you guy recommend me any anime similar to this

thanks :)
zombie loan...?
In then anime Elfen Lied, do they constantly show her boobies?!?
I know there is supposedly a lot of nudity, but how friggin' often do they show her bewbs!?!?!?

I plan on watching it one day. xD
Not that much. I cant remember how many times, but maybe less then ten?
Its a great Anime and truly a masterpiece, you should watch it, and not just for genre, but for story :]

LOL whole series
Whats a good perverted anime with boobs?
I havent watched one in a while. I was busy watching a bunch of romance crap that females who watch anime like . So whats some perverted booby riddled animes to get my testosterone pumped.
Girls Bravo

Air Gear

Dragon Ball

To Love Ryu
Things you find similar in every/most anime?
1. Big boobies
2. Swords
3. Big eyes
4. Bento box

I can come up with a lot, but I can't right now. I have a cold + fever. T_T Can't think straight.

So? What do you find similar in every/most anime?
huge eyes
huge boobs
a false image on japan and japanese people that people get from watching anime.

people need to learn about real japan and japanese music and culture and art.
Where can I buy anime gifts?
I want to buy anime gifts but more specifically I want to buy oppai or booby mousepads for my friend as a Christmas present.
Are you sure this isn't for yourself XD? Ok seriously anyways yea you probably won't find this stuff sold around stores in real life unless your like in Japan =P. So you probably would look online which is what I did. I bought a mouse pad also from ucosplay and its very comfortable "if you know what i mean"...

I go myself this one… I'm not sure if your friend has the same taste as I do but I like this one.

I can see this being a fitting present for someone errr yes.
Where can find anime clothing?
I dont mean cosplay, i mean simple stuff thats not to expensive, i use eBay, but it doesn't have all that much. ima a girl so i dont want massive booby. Like, One piece, naruto, just random anime people on clothing. Thats nice.. Or even cute hats.. Something not to expensive.. maybe under $25?
So you mean normal clothes with popular anime characters on them?…

Google it. Like seriously.
Need anime suggestions?
I want an anime with lots of bouncing boobies.
queens blade!, asu no yoichi, sekeirei, amaenaideyo, ikkitousen.... u might as well watch porn...
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Are alot of anime series like Midori days?
I recently gotten into anime and I bought the complete series of the show "Midori days". Even though I thought the series was very funny, I kinda flinched when I saw the nudity.

The box was 13 and up but it had nudity, I don't feel comfortable looking at boobies *blush*
Are all anime series like this with the casual nude scene?

I want to see cute anime series with cute characters but just without the nudity....
Well you kind of walked into that one... The whole idea of a girl being a man's hand his a huge sexual joke...

Of course, the Japanese aren't as sensitive about the whole nudity or sexuality thing for younger audience like we are over in the West.

However, if you go after cutesy anime, just make sure it doesn't contain ecchi or heavy sexual jokes, and nudity will be unlikely to be in it. You can check by doing searces on places like MyAnimeList, or even Wikipedia and general Google searches.

Do you have any anime series in particular that you have a question about?
Are all Japanese Anime safe to watch?
My friends, especially the guys, like to watch Japanese animation. I like many of them, such as Dragonball, Lupin III, and Cowboy Bebop, but some are kind of...I don`t know...pervy. Lots of giant boobies and panty shots and the like. But these are animes about teenage girls, so I thought my nieces might like them. But when I watch with the subs, there are sometimes cuss words, like "F U" and naughty talk.
What`s the deal?
First of all, there is no legitimate "F-word" in the Japanese language. There are however a few new-ish/modern terms that can be loosely translated to curse words to appease the non-Japanese crowds. (There is a word that means `drop dead` in English and is often subbed as, well, you know.)
Second, most anime shows (not what we call cartoons [for guys]) are aimed at the 16-20-something MALE demographic. This is in no way meant to be watched by the under 16 crowd. If it`s on TV in your country during the day, then your network isn`t doing it`s job. If it`s on the internet for downloading, it`s up to adults to monitor that!

My husband is Japanese, fluent in English, and has seen sooooo many anime shows, I can`t count. He is a collector of manga, too. My eyes have practically rolled out of my head from the stuff I`ve seen him read and watch.
The female demographic has risen over time, so there are some for tweens and teens like that. (Do not be deceived by the "mo-e"-ness of a show called "K-ON", which the hubby is currently watching on the telly. It features an all-girl high school band, but after a few episodes, I realized it was not even close to being a cartoon.)

I am watching a new show called "Occult Academy". For teens or older, but it`s good. I reccommmend it for you and your friends!

Censorship is quite strict here, but realize that foreign curse words are rarely considered curse words in Japan. I`ve been at department stores and supermarkets (standing next to guys and old people) and heard rap and rock songs spit out F--- and SH--, etc. No one blinks an eye.
Heck, guys toss up the middle finger in pictures and their parents frame them. It`s fashionable to use the F-word in JP rock songs and live action TV shows (like Rookies or Crows Zero).

Hope this helps!
Why do anime characters have HUGE boobs?
Not that I'm complaining but, is it because they are jealous of their tiny little boobies...?
it's mainly just to attract teenage boys into watching/reading the anime/manga and hey, it works! would you prefer to watch an anime with ugly mid aged old women with saggy boobs than an anime with beautiful young women with massive epic boobs? :p by the way, it's called fan-service.

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