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Do you think God cares whether we have anal sex?
Do you think God claps when we have vaginal sex but boos when we do anal sex? Is God cheer-leading us on in the bedroom giving us thumbs up or thumbs down?
who said God cared about the type of sex we have... It is the "Sex" of the person who, according to the bible, you have intercourse with that God cares about.
My boyfriends penis is so big and I'm not sure if we'll ever be able to have anal sex......Please help
Me and my boyfriend have played around with anal sex. Using few fingers at first lots of lube and going really slow. Nothing seems to work. Not to mention his penis is touches his belly button and my thumb and index finger can't touch when i wrap them around it. Is he just to big and i should give it up or is there something else out there that we haven't tried .....Needing help.
Take your time, plenty of time, lubricate, lubricate, lubricate again, relax, practive with dildos of various size and .... Enjoy....
Should we give thumbs down ratings to copiers?
I give an automatic thumbs down rating to those who copy WIKI and other places verbatiim when they could have just inserted the link. its not like the copier knew anything that needed to be written, putting the whole copied text in takes up too much space, its selfish. On the other hand, when people just give the link I give them a thumbs up rating for their research. what you think?or am i being too anal?
Its probably not a bad idea, although they wouldn't know why. And they might think they are giving a good answer, so they won't realize why they got a thumb's down. But if it makes you feel good why not, it doesn't hurt.
How can I get rid of the finger marks on my books?
Has anyone ever noticed those yellow stripes that show up sometimes on the edge of the pages in your books? The ones that, if you hold the book like you're reading it, are directly under your thumbs? Well, is there any way to get rid of those? I'm afraid to try it myself, because I'm anal when it comes to the condition of my books and I don't want to cause anymore damage to them.
Not that I know of. The one's I get on my books usually seem to be caused by my finger's sweating while I'm reading, so I try to refrain from holding them when they are.
When a girl wears a thumb ring does it mean she likes anal sex?
I'd never heard that one before but a girl I know says that's what it means. Is she just BSing me?
Of course not! Don't fall for that. It just means she likes thumb rings... ?
Can Gay Virgins Get AIDS From Anal Sex With Each Other?
If both guys are total virgins , and they want to have unprotected anal sex with each other , can they get HIV/AIDS ?

I've heard it's possible from my gay/bi friends and even my bf told me he has heard it before ? Is it true or a myth ? Please give as many details as possible

I'm worried but I don't wanna use a condom but if we have to I will most definitely ! I don't wat any STD's !

And I know about the risks of Hepatitis A , B , and C and the vaccines to prevent them !!


I'm hoping to hear from a medical professional !

Best answer +10 points ! And I thumbs up every good answer until I decide the best ! :) Thanks !
That makes no sense. Think about it logically. How could you get a disease from someone if they don't have the disease? You can't create aids. You can only get it if you have sex with someone who has it (or of course if their blood gets in you). You don't really need a medial professional for this question. It is common knowledge.
Is it just me or have the thumbs up and thumbs down been changing?
Has anyone else noticed this? Call me anal but I sometimes go back to questions that I have answered to see how many people hated them and how many approved. In the last few days I have been noticing that the amount of ups and downs will change.

Oh yeah this is religion and spirituality..... Do you think that a God is doing this?
yes i have noticed, and no it's not god. it's another technical error. it's been messing up a lot lately.
Anal Issues in the Anal Lining?
I will start this post off by stating that I have never had anal sex, nor sex at all. I have never stuck anything up my anus either. However, a very disturbing problem involving my anal area is occurring. For the past two years, I have monitored the back of my anus. The top of the line between both cheeks began having a small tear-like thing. I researched and thought it was a hemmorhoid. Further research led me to believe it was an anal fissure. Then further an anal fistula. However, a year later, I notived a hole-like thing above my anus-hole. I assumed this to be an internal hemmorhoid and took the top thing to be an anal fissure. I’m not so sure anymore what’s going on. Over the past two years, this top tear-like thing has progressively spread. It is about the length of my thumb and the width of my pinky finger nail. It has mucus (not a lot but still some) and it is always a bit moist back there when I wipe with a tissue. It rarely leaves blood marks and if it does, only a tiny streak if much. It does not hurt but itches sometimes. It looks like a bloody sore, but does not produce the blood it looks like it should. Maybe more like red raw hide. I never got it checked because I thought since it did not hurt and many people have fissures and hemmorhoids, I could do home things and avoid the uncomfortable examination. I know a lot of you are wondering why I am posting for answers here and not online, but the simplest answer is a lack of insurance. I don’t have any and am waiting until I get some in order for me to go. I cannot have another bill. I’m 20 if that helps. Any idea of what it could be or what I could due to attempt healing procedures or shrinkage?

You are doing quite well at the diagnosing. What you have is not that uncommon but it can lead to quite a serious problem if you do not do something about it soon. You are very lucky if it has not got massively infected already and maybe there is a bad infection there but maybe not. I think it could be something more like a Pilonidal Cyst though I might have misunderstood you.
I would go see your GP or ordinary doctor as soon as you can. While you have had it a long time that does not mean it is OK.
I do not think it is a hemmorhoid and I aslo think that self diagnosis is a little risky in this case.
The cause I describe is more common in men than in women and more common in young men than in older men.

Go get something done. Just doing nothing will cause it to get much worse and very painful.

Anal tag surgery question...?
Okay, this is really embarassing, but I need some advice. I have been suffering with two anal tags for over 9 years. They got worse after I gave birth to my son and now cause a tremendous amount of pain and hygiene problems. They started out the size of my pinky nail and now are about the size of my whole thumb. I saw my gastro dr today and he has referred me to a rectal surgeon, who I'm seeing Friday. I was scheduled to have them removed a few years ago, but cancelled the surgery at the last minute due to fear. However, I am seriously considering having them removed now. I'm thinking that dealing with the pain of rectal surgery for a few weeks would be much better than dealing with this for the rest of my life. Does anyone have any advice? I'm really trying to talk to people who have had this done, but it's embarassing to discuss face to face. Help!
I had a hemorrhoidectomy about 8 years ago, and I was like you - scared and embarrassed. However, the pain and discomfort was too great to put up with, so I just told myself to "do it"! While the recovery is painful, it only takes a few days for the worst of the pain to subside. Trust me it is well worth it! No more pain, no more discomfort, and I have not had any problems since. You know that what you're going through now isn't just keep telling yourself the surgery is worth it! Best wishes! Here's a star for bravery!!!

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